When you have better insight, you make better decisions. Our Vibe employee engagement surveys offer you a deeper understanding of your cultural and commercial environment, enabling you to make informed decisions based on the actionable insight our surveys gain to positively impact culture, performance and business growth.

  • Surveys can be tailored to your organisation.
  • Image surveys using IAT (Implicit Association Test) provide instant, unbiased emotional feedback.
  • Reveal potential issues and opportunities within the organisation.
  • Results can be benchmarked against internal and external data.
  • Intuitive reporting will allow you to measure, manage and actionable insights in a methodical and balanced way.



A strong corporate culture that invests in equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) is one of the greatest competitive advantages a company can maintain by creating psychological safety, purpose and belonging.

  • Vibe DE&I surveys have all the great features of our employee engagement surveys but with a deeper dive into key cultural ED&I components.
  • Our team are experienced in global ED&I projects and help you work through and understand the different data laws and cultural nuances associated with the different countries you operate in.
  • Get actionable ED&I insights by benchmarking against internal and external data.



Introducing Vibe Recruitment, Onboarding and Exit Surveys. A blend of three unique but beautifully integrated survey experiences for future, current and soon to become 'past' employees.

  • Vibe Recruitment has been designed to ensure expectations are managed from the outset and the psychological contract is enhanced. Increasing the chances of employers and employees finding the right fit for one another; and in turn, minimising churn.
  • Vibe Onboarding ensures that once the right hire has been found, the onboarding process is streamlined, automated and aligned to your employee value proposition making it as enjoyable as possible for the employee, line manager and HR department alike. 
  • Vibe Exit surveys have been designed for when it’s time for an employee to leave the relationship, whatever the reason may be. Whether it’s from a human or business perspective it’s always good to make sure each party has the chance to give and receive feedback; because as we know, no two relationships are the same.



Vibe HR is a strategic people assessment & survey solution underpinned by a consultative and technology service. This unique solution has been developed across more than two decades of ‘in the field experience’ with the sole focus on supporting HR leaders within organisations to effectively assess their HR function and reshape and reorganise the people plan so that the HR and corporate strategy are aligned. To enable leaders to motivate and inspire their people in line with the company vision, mission, and values and HR functions and leadership teams to understand the current landscape of the HR/people function, and where investment needs to be made to improve efficiency, effectiveness and engagement throughout your organisation.

Get visibility of the 4 broad strategic areas, 22 HR pillars and 145 HR elements, namely:

  • Strategy
  • Delivery
  • Experience
  • Excellence



Our M&A technology platform, Vibe, enables organisations to effectively integrate businesses during the critical phases of an M&A transaction. Vibe is an advanced survey and feedback platform that provides deep insights into all aspects of corporate culture during the pre and post-integration phases, our team of experienced specialists work with you to ensure a successful M&A process is achieved.

  • Employee Engagement
  • M&A Periodic Table
  • Cultural Assessment
  • AI Data Room
  • Cultural Integration Plan 



Discover your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and align and unify your culture

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the salary, compensation and benefits that the employer pays to an employee who’s contracted to deliver skills, experience and productivity that further deliver the company’s business goals, mission, purpose and values. Your EVP can be the determining factor in attracting, retaining or losing talent from your organisation.

Every company in the world has an Employee Value Proposition, whether it's defined or not. Alignment between the EVP and your employer brand is essential and ensures it crystallises and unifies the expectations of how your employees deliver your promise, this provides a clear and defined link between your values, messaging, behaviour and action. 

Discover more about how we can help you with your employee value proposition below, starting with our tried and tested methodology. 



The world’s best businesses recognise that their employees have a shared responsibility for how they feel and behave. Giving them the tools to engage with their own performance and development empowers and inspires them to do exactly that.

Vibe 360 is an award-winning 360 assessment and feedback platform that helps you manage your biggest opportunity and your biggest risk; your leaders.

In these current times; where employees are working remotely; it’s even more important to understand how your colleagues feel about the managers and leaders in your organisation.


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