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The world’s best businesses recognise that their employees have a shared responsibility for how they feel and behave. Giving them the tools to engage with their own performance and development empowers and inspires them to do exactly that.

Vibe 360 is an award-winning 360 assessment and feedback platform that helps you manage your biggest opportunity and your biggest risk; your leaders.

In these current times; where employees are working remotely; it’s even more important to understand how your colleagues feel about the managers and leaders in your organisation.


Discover what Vibe 360 could do for your organisation:


Welcome to a better way of doing 360s

The survey blends psychological imagery and competency-based questions with a real-time feedback option that helps participants identify what they do best and where they can improve their performance.

Get more from a 360, with Vibe 360:

Co-create your 360. Competencies and questions tailored to your organisation.

Measure internal and external stakeholder relationships, giving deeper, more rounded insight.

Deep executive insights into the key themes to help enhance team performance and shape blended learning programmes.

Reports and insights are coached confidentially to enhance team performance.

Quick, easy and scalable deployment, available in any language.


Empower, engage and develop your people through 360 feedback

Intuitive, actionable insights that drive robust action plans.

Individuals can identify blind spots, a starting point for developing new skills and behaviours.

well-rounded view of skills and behaviours is provided by observational feedback (seen me do it) and reputational feedback (I think you do it).

Identifies strengths, which can contribute to a tailored development plan. Focusing on strengths is key to an employee’s career growth and the success of the organisation.

Positive, considered and continuous feedback is provided by the real-time feedback option.

Tailor your competency measures, questions and directional outputs to your business with our support.

Highlights the top themes and trends arising from your leaders and managers to enable you to plan your organisational leadership development strategy.

Ensures your leadership behaviours are aligned with your company values, mission and vision.


Measure, evaluate, improve

Use Vibe 360 to develop high-performing employees and stronger teams with 360 feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement.

Typical quantitative measures we use for organisations are:

Trust  Charisma
Performance Resilience
Self-management Relationship Management
Commerciality Communication
Inspirational  Strategic Thinker
Operational Effectiveness Collaboration


Vibe 360 Report Scores


Intuitive, actionable insights

Vibe 360 delivers insightful, intuitive personal and executive reports to help inform, engage and support peoples' development. 

Personal report: Includes recommendations to help the construction of the personal action plan as well as an e-learning suite with training tools to support personal development. 

Executive Report: Highlights the top themes and trends arising from your leaders and managers Vibe 360 survey and report. It can feature up to 50 cohorts of leaders, from board level to middle management. We can analyse the data from different locations, departments, age ranges, length of service and gender to understand where the pockets of leadership performance levels sit within your organisation.

Although the individual personal reports are confidential, the executive summary report is prepared and presented to the key stakeholders in the business, allowing us to share the big data themes.

Creating strategic objectives based on the feedback scores ensures that development gaps are identified and a collective commitment to behavioural change is implemented.

We collectively analyse the key trends and use sentiment analysis to give an in-depth overview of the group’s strengths and development areas.


Understand & improve performance and accountability

Leadership development combined with 360 feedback creates enhanced self-awareness for leaders, is the start of the HR journey and has linkages with many other aspects of HR. Functional linkages include:

  • Performance and link to accountability.
  • Talent identification and segmentation.
  • Succession planning.
  • Setting meaningful personal objectives.

Create and maintain effective relationships

PHASE O1: We start by launching a 360 feedback program with the leadership population to embed and measure your values, competencies and leadership behaviours.

PHASE O2: Each individual receives a personalised report and confidential 90-minute coaching session. The exec report is presented to your key stakeholders to understand the big data and develop the HR and learning strategy.

PHASE O3: Utilising other Vibe modules such as: ‘Rate My’ /  ‘My Insights’  / ‘Pulse Survey’ (3-6 months)  / ‘Live Polling’ /  ‘Real-time feedback’ and others that may be applicable post the survey results & report.

PHASE O4: Workshops / one-to-one coaching / group coaching / masterclasses / learning portal.


Ongoing learning with tailored content

To support your people; the Vibe 360 programme has a learning content portal to be used to support the personal action plans once the leaders are back in the workplace.

We can also design bespoke leadership development programmes and one-to-one coaching programmes to help your leaders embed cultural behavioural changes.


Ensuring you, your people and your leaders succeed

We're always here to help; from technical support to HR consultancy.

Our suite of communication collateral is adapted to fit your culture and your audience in terms of tone of voice and design. We use a three-stage approach to ensure that the communication is engaging and clear from the outset, which allows both recipients and respondents to fully understand the end-to-end process before we begin.

Our team is available via phone, digitally or in person to support every aspect of the process to ensure that Vibe 360 runs smoothly for you and that you extract maximum benefit from it.

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