Discover your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and align and unify your culture

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the salary, compensation and benefits that the employer pays to an employee who’s contracted to deliver skills, experience and productivity that further delivers the company’s business goals, mission, purpose and values. Your EVP can be the determining factor in attracting, retaining or losing talent from your organisation.

Every company in the world has an Employee Value Proposition, whether it's defined or not. Alignment between the EVP and your employer brand is essential and ensures it crystallises and unifies the expectations of how your employees deliver your promise, this provides a clear and defined link between your values, messaging, behaviour and action. 

Discover more about how we can help you with your employee value proposition below, starting with our tried and tested methodology. 

Apply the Law of Attraction to your Employee Value Proposition

Understand your Employee Value Proposition

Clearly define your EVP to attract & retain the key people

Your Employee Value Proposition defines the key guiding principles of your business and having a clear, unified message enables you to actively retain and attract talent. Your mission, values and purpose are a declaration to your employees and clients of how your business works.

While it may be easy to describe your company, it’s harder to define your culture. Company culture is intangible – it’s the way your employees feel in the workplace, and having a clearly defined company culture reaches your employees, your clients and prospective talent too.

Like attracts like

Realise the potential of healthy relationships

The law of attraction states 'like attracts like'. We, therefore, form relationships with people who have the same beliefs, values and aspirations. That’s why businesses’ have a duty of care to clearly define the Employee Value Proposition and articulate the company’s business goals, mission, purpose and values, so they can attract and retain the right talent for their brand.


Defining your culture

Increase engagement, productivity and wellbeing 

Your culture is defined by the way in which the people in your organisation behave. So it follows, that if you want to influence the culture, you need to start by influencing the thinking...

Thoughts become words – words become actions – actions become behaviours – behaviours become a culture.

Because of the Law of Attraction; if you don’t clearly define who you are as a business there is an increased chance you will attract people who are not aligned to your EVP, this can be detrimental to the churn and productivity of your organisation and equally important it will be detrimental to the career path and wellbeing of the employees.

Definition, clarity and transparency are the holy grail for managing expectations, removing the psychological contract and improving relationships across the business. This in turn increases engagement and wellbeing at work. 

Relationship memory model

Unleash the power of the mind

Any communications we create and convey, must not only attract attention but must also be unforgettable, otherwise, the activity represents a loss of investment. We apply our Relationship Memory Process© to everything we create for our clients.

This unique process is based on psychological research of how memory works, and its premise is a simple one: everything we deliver is based upon the ultimate objective of enhancing relationships through memorable communications.

How can we help you?

Better businesses start with successful relationships

Developing people, relationships and in turn businesses are at the heart of everything we do. Contact our team today and discover how we can help you develop your Employee Value Proposition. 


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