Vibe Surveys | Listen, Learn, Act and Improve.  


Employee engagement, well-being and productivity are at the heart of what we do.

Vibe Ai enables organisations to gather deep actionable insights to help meet their employee experience and cultural optimisation goals and objectives, improving relationships and organisational productivity.

Our platform has recently had a significant investment which has perfectly baked together years of R&D and knowledge from the field. Features now include unlimited surveys, 360's, DE&I, exits surveys, well-being check-ins, LMS, personalised learning journeys, AI knowledge assistance and advanced stakeholder reporting. This includes advanced productivity scorecards customised to your business to help you calculate the return on investment.

Vibe Ai thanks to modern technology advances can offer massive added value by offering monthly subscriptions or one-off projects, supported by experienced founder members who can coach and consult findings into your business. 

Vibe Ai was originally co-created in the UK with Virgin Trains. Today, Vibe continues to be trusted by organisations across private, public and charity sectors to deliver a scalable, adaptable, unbiased and secure GDPR-compliant feedback and survey platform.

Please reach out and book a call with one of our team so we can show you Vibe Ai can support, motivate and manage your people in an inspiring and efficient way. 



Vibe allows you to do all of the above in one simple, easy-to-use intuitive hub.


How Vibe works:


How Vibe Surveys Work

How Your Business Will Benefit from Vibe:


The Benefits of Vibe


Our People

Haydn Bratt
Executive Coach
Mora Burundarena
Account Manager
Steve Barry
Executive Coach
Stephanie Corking
People Director
Ana Costa
Behavioural Scientist 
Fabia Delamoura
Social Media Manager
Petra Drali
Business Consultant
Simon Kevan
Sally Kevan
Event Manager
Andrew Moorhouse
Katy Noble
Project Manager
Yo Percale
Executive Coach
Ian Saville
Head of Magic
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