Manage and mitigate risk and unlock opportunities

Human resource issues are critical to every part of a business. Four out of five mergers and acquisitions fail, largely due to the cultural differences at play. The intangible aspects of businesses, namely people & culture, are often the most difficult to integrate.

Our M&A technology platform, Vibe, enables organisations to effectively integrate businesses during the critical phases of an M&A transaction. Vibe is an advanced survey and feedback platform that provides deep insights into all aspects of corporate culture during the pre and post-integration phases, our team of experienced specialists work with you to ensure a successful M&A process is achieved.


Keeping a finger on the pulse of your people

Vibe utilises AI to provide actionable insights and benchmark data in key cultural components such as Leadership, Communication, Diversity/Inclusion, Benefits, Reward & Recognition, Learning & Development, Work/Life Balance, Wellbeing and Innovation.


Addressing the cultural challenges of mergers and acquisitions

Our periodic table diagnostic allows us to efficiently and effectively gather an objective consensus of all of the important cultural components that span the cultures of the two organisations. This allows us to retain important intellectual properties, pockets of innovation and team brilliance throughout the organisations enabling us to map and integrate an efficient and compassionate M&A process. 



Capturing M&A value through the science of workplace relationships

Successful integration involves detailed planning and execution when assessing the operating model and all workplace stakeholder relationships, including colleagues, customers and suppliers.  

Aligning the people, cultures, communication, processes and systems is vital for successful integrations. Our technology gets to the DNA of your business by providing a deep and rounded view of your people, helping you understand the likely risks and opportunities.


Smart analytics that saves time and reduce risk

Within the Vibe AI data room, we provide insight into all intangible and tangible aspects of HR/People elements – assessing hundreds of different data points across each organisation.

Artificial intelligence powers and automates smart analytics on the motivations and behaviours that drive people’s actions – all the while saving you time and reducing risk.

This provides a continuous real-time, scalable data management system (DMS) to guide and advise you and your teams every step of the way. 


A rigorous, process-driven plan for successful integration

An M&A team can expect a lot of challenges during the all-important integration of work practices, processes and policies.

Our cultural integration plan removes the guesswork providing you, your leaders and colleagues throughout the businesses with an inspiring, motivating and compassionate people plan.


Adding value through science, technology and data

Vibe M&A helps you to ascertain if the people and cultural nuisances on both sides will create value post-transaction, not erode value.

We can work with you to break down, define all of the tangible and intangible value drivers of the organisations so we can exploit these as a force for good and business productivity. 

Not all of the value drivers are hard-nosed financial returns and nor should they be. Instead, they should be viewed as a holistic value eco-system. 


Vibe Mergers & Acquisitions Timeline

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