The Female Figureheads That Inspire Our Fantastic Four

We asked the four fantastic females at LOA who inspired them as a woman in the workplace and this is what they said…

Stephanie Corking, People Director:

Stephanie, our People Director, has chosen Anna Whitehouse as her inspirational women to celebrate in International Women’s week. “Every mother I know has hit the wall in some way. Whether it’s lack of promotion, redundancy, being passed over for opportunities, meetings, projects or the extortionate cost of childcare. It’s not rocket science how to break it down and according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, flexibility is ‘the primary way’ to close the Gender Pay Gap”. 

Anna is the founder of the movement ‘Flex Appeal” and is a journalist and editor who has written for The Telegraph, Independent, Stylist, Marie Claire and was once the Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam.

Anna and her husband Matt have, since 2015, campaigned for employers to offer flexible working and fair and equal opportunities for working parents.  It might be compressed hours, homeworking, flexitime, smarter shift patterns or any other variation, but hundreds of studies have shown flex improves access to work, reduces stress and improves our physical and mental health. Essentially, the Flex Appeal movement is about encouraging people (but often parents) to talk to their employer about flexible working, and breaking away from the 9 – 5 for office jobs.

Anna is passionate about flexible working for parents and believes “flexible working isn’t a ‘nice to have’ nor is it a ‘bonus’, it’s a fundamental change to the fabric of our working lives.”


Katy Noble, Project Manager:

I’ve grown up watching Kathy Burke as a comedian on Harry Endfield, Absolutely Fabulous and French and Saunders to name a few. Apart from the fact she is obviously very talented and side splittingly funny, which has been a form of delight and amusement to me as an adult and in my early years. As I’ve matured I’ve also become to realise our values and opinions are aligned. This is even more apparent with her two recent Channel 4 series – All Woman and Money Talks. All Woman is definitely worth a revisit or a first time watch for some inspiration around international women’s day. 

Her blunt and non-nonsense approach has seen her set many plonkers straight publicly with her stance on always fighting for what’s right, and the way she does it, is well just genius! And for her honesty about her personal battles with mental health, self-image and the expectations society places on us as women - I will always be truly grateful for and inspired by Kathy! A true unsung hero and an inspiration!


Precious Aiwekhoe, HR Consultant:

From a very young age I always followed athletics at Olympics, and I remember Allyson Felix running for team USA from a young age and last year in 2021 she won her 10th Olympic medal (what a woman 🤩).

Not only is she the most decorated US Olympic female track athlete in history but outside the field she advocates for women’s right in sport, lately in particular improving maternity terms and pay for female athletes.


Harriet Alex, Account Manager:

I’ve always loved actress Kristen Bell. She’s never failed to make me laugh as any one of the many characters she’s played throughout her career. 

My admiration grew to a new level when she used her celebrity status and platform to #endthestigma surrounding mental health and inspired people to talk out about their mental health. 

Kristen confidently stated that anyone can battle depression and anxiety, despite their level of success or their place on the food chain. Her approach to speaking out was admirable, honest and inspirational and she has helped many people worldwide.


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