Supporting British Geological Survey with our Vibe Engagement Survey Platform

We are delighted to have supported The British Geological Survey with their recent employee engagement survey. They are the UK's premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge to help society to:

  • use its natural resources responsibly
  • manage environmental change
  • be resilient to environmental hazards

BGS provides expert services and impartial advice in all areas of geoscience with their client base drawn from the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally.

With the recent post of the newly appointed Executive Director, the leadership team were keen to undertake a survey which focused on BGS employees and culture to provide them with data to inform the strategic plans over the coming months. All BGS staff were invited to complete the survey – there are approx. 650 people over a number of sites. On launch week, we saw a record number of surveys completed…the first 2 days collected over 65% responses with 86% in a 2-week period. 

We have now finalised and published the results to the key stakeholders and we will be working with the leadership team over the next few weeks, holding online coaching sessions to get into the detail for their specific department to help them to understand the big data and develop their own departmental action plan. Nicky Poulter, head of Human Resources said...

Having VIBE representatives facilitate feedback discussion meetings were invaluable in securing engagement from management teams and creating ownership of the results. These sessions triggered real interest in the data and helped drive motivation for team action planning.

One of the most important elements in the success of our Vibe survey platform is post-survey conversations.  We work with the key stakeholders, HRBP’s and Line Managers to ensure that the feedback you collect is managed in an effective and positive way. Communication is key following any feedback survey and it’s important to talk to your teams about the results. It’s good to talk – yes, we live in a digital world and have used a digital format to capture the feedback and the emotional insights of the employees; however, it’s only going to make a difference if we use the big data to communicate and build relationships. On-going conversations play an important part in the employee engagement process; therefore, we provide additional follow on coaching to help your key team members navigate the data and create and deliver follow up communications. 

We created Vibe to improve relationships at work by listening to your colleagues’ feedback on a regular basis. Only by exposing yourself to different and diverse viewpoints will you be able to create a more rounded performance culture. Organisations that listen carefully to the thoughts and feelings of their people can use the feedback to power positive change with their business functions and across the wider company.

Our Vibe platform has many components and feedback, survey and live polling modules that can be turned on/off – up/down in real-time and offers unlimited scalability in terms of numbers of users, surveys and feedback. Vibe is also available in on any device, any time, in any language, from anywhere in the world. Talk to us if you want to measure how your teams are feeling right now… [email protected]


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