Check out the Deloitte Engage podcast guest is Drew McMillan

In this interesting podcast Drew bigs up the co creation work he did with Vibe when we launch with Virgin Trains. Great to see Drew career go from strength to strength. A must listen to for any professional in this space. Thank you Drew!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Drew has been honing his engagement skills over a career spanning 26 years and has led colleague comms at British Airways, Virgin Trains and Ladbrokes along the way.

Our conversation covered some of the biggest challenges facing employee communications today, including:

Leading crisis comms at BA when the world was told not to travel.
Helping people in a hybrid workforce to stay connected.
How engagement can benefit from behavioural science. 
How we can help line managers to be better communicators.
Why organisations shouldn’t get too hung up on engagement surveys.
Why it's time to stop relying on email as a comms channel.
How a shared purpose can bring cultures together.
And why employees should be treated more like customers.

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