The Benefits of 360 Feedback and Assessment Programmes

The leaders in your organisation are your biggest opportunity and your biggest risk. Given we have all been working from home for over 12 months, maybe now is the time to understand the behaviours of the leaders that are driving your organisation and understand how they are leading and managing their teams.

The question is, how is shared responsibility approached and recognised within your organisation?

The world’s best businesses recognise that their employees have a shared responsibility for how they feel and behave. Giving them the tools to engage with their own performance and development empowers and inspires them to do exactly that.


A 360 provides a feedback opportunity from all directions in an organisation to allow colleagues, leaders and managers to provide feedback about their fellow employee’s performance.

A typical performance review is based on one employee’s performance and is submitted only by their manager. This can create huge limitations on an individual’s growth and development within a business as they only receive feedback from one colleague which may not cover all essential areas.

What do you need to consider when implementing a 360 programme?

No matter how much time is invested at work, a leader, manager or any team member can’t be aware of all internal conversations and activities 100% of the time. This doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or passionate about everything that is taking place, or aware of each team members contribution and how it’s valued within the organisation.

This means that even though the time isn’t always readily available, the leaders and managers want to invest in their people to see how they feel about their role within their organisation, and the people they work closely with to see how they can help improve the individual’s experience and how they can then benefit the organisation.

This highlights why a 360 programme can be helpful and valuable as it allows each and every individual to share their thoughts and feelings about their colleagues and their individual contributions, to help a business grow in areas they may be blindsided in and to highlight areas that have the greatest successes.

Feedback is provided around an employee’s performance, skills and how they contribute to the organisation, and this is then shared with the employee to allow the opportunity for them to understand how their role is viewed by the organisation as a whole.

One of the most important factors therefore is who the participant chooses as their respondents. These choices should include colleagues that the employee works with regularly e.g. their line manager and peers.

Another important part of the survey setup is to ensure enough time is given to engage leadership teams so they can play a role in promoting the survey to promote awareness and increase levels of participation. Our innovative combination of psychological research methods and relationship technology reveals what your colleagues, customers and suppliers are really thinking and feeling about your organisation, products and services. ​​ 


The benefits of a 360 is that feedback is received from all levels of staff who work with the employee, providing an all-rounded view of their performance, which can help them to grow, learn and develop within their role, which can only benefit the business as a whole.

The goal is to provide a balanced view to an employee of how they are seen within their organisation and how their colleagues view their work contribution and performance in various areas and can cover any areas the organisation feels is appropriate.

Laws of Attraction’s approach contains traditional employee survey questions, benchmarking questions other questions that could be linked to the company values and objectives. We base these questions on what we find out in the discovery phase and these are tailored to be in line with your culture, purpose and requirements.

What are the benefits of 360 assessments to an organisation?

Laws of Attraction’s Vibe 360 powerful 360 assessment & feedback technology enhances self-awareness in line with personal goals, your customer value proposition and the company objectives. Our techniques and 360 platform allows individuals to build self-awareness, boost confidence and build trust resulting in improved communication and better-quality relationships.

That’s why we work with the leaders and managers in organisations to create role models; leaders who embrace and embody the company vision and values and inspiring those around them. When leaders understand the fundamental drivers of the business and use these to develop long term plans, they can create a unique competitor advantage.

What makes Vibe 360 different to other 360 programmes?

  • Made to measure or ready to roll - choose from our pre-configured 360 templates or co-create your competencies and questions tailored to your organisation.

  • Deeper, more rounded insights - measure internal and external stakeholder relationships. A well-rounded view of skills and behaviours is provided by the observational feedback (seen me do it) and reputational feedback (I think you do it).

  • Enhanced team performance - use the Executive reports that deliver deep insights into the behaviours of your leadership teams to develop high- performing employees and stronger teams with 360 feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement.

  • Benchmark your results - internal and external benchmarkable questions can be used that will enable the 360 to align with your employee engagement surveys and industry statistics.

  • Informs your corporate strategy - we use the big data in the Executive Report to help your create your HR and People Plan, plus this data can feed into your succession strategies which can then be measured year on year.

  • Engage external stakeholders - our Vibe technology platform allows for leaders to obtain feedback from both inside and outside the organisation, enabling leaders (should they wish) to ask for feedback from customers, suppliers, NED’s, and the media.


Jacqueline Hepburn, UK Head of Organisation Effectiveness at Abellio commented:

We are delighted with the support we have been given to train up our internal coaches to provide feedback for the 360 programme.  This is integral to the roll-out of 360s across Abellio and our Operating Companies.  I am looking forward to getting the programme up and running and seeing the results across our group.  This will help us to continue to support our leaders to develop their potential and drive forward leadership effectiveness over the next year.


To find out how we helped the Abellio Group, click here.


What are the key features and benefits of Vibe 360?


  • Deep insights: Dive deep into the key themes to help enhance team performance and shape blended learning programmes.

  • Highlight top themes and trends: Use insights to plan your organisational leadership development strategy.

  • Easy deployment: Quick, easy and scalable deployment, available in any language.

  • Co-create: Choose from our pre- configured 360 templates or co-create your competencies and questions tailored to your organisation.

  • Closer alignment: Ensure your leadership behaviours are aligned with your company values, mission and vision.


  • Increase self-awareness: Provides insights into behaviour and how people are perceived in the organisation.

  • Identify strengths: Focusing on strengths is key to an employee’s career growth and the success of the organisation.

  • Uncover blind spots: A starting point for developing new skills and behaviours.

  • Well-balanced insights: A well-rounded view of skills and behaviours is provided by the observational feedback (seen me do it) and reputational feedback (I think you do it).

  • Confidential: Reports and insights are coached confidentially to enhance team performance.


In summary, a 360 assessment presents you with a broader view of feedback from within all levels of your organisation, which allows you to take the next steps towards personal and career development. If you’re interested in building confidence, increasing accountability and creating a culture built on openness and honesty, a 360 assessment could be the next vital step you take for yourself and your organisation.

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