Partnership with Greater Anglia to deliver our Vibe 360 assessment for the leadership team

Following on from a successful launch of our Vibe 360 platform with Abellio HQ last year and more recently the ScotRail group, we are pleased to be continuing our relationship with Abellio Transport Holdings and working in partnership with Greater Anglia to deliver our Vibe 360 assessment for the leadership team as part of the senior leaders development programme (SLDP).  

Abellio operates the rail franchises of Greater Anglia, ScotRail, West Midlands Trains, East Midland trains and the Merseyrail concession as well as 8% of London buses, and employs over 14,000 people across the UK.

Using the Abellio Leadership Framework, internal values and competencies, this bespoke assessment uses our Vibe 360 technology based on relationship psychology that enhances colleague’s self-awareness in line with their personal goals, the customer value proposition and company objectives.

We are using our Vibe 360 platform to help develop high-performing colleagues and build stronger teams with 360 feedback insights that drive development, productivity and engagement. Using the Vibe 360 platform allows the leaders at Greater Anglia to: 

  • Increase self-awareness and provide insights into behaviour and how people are perceived in the organisation.
  • Identify blind spots, a starting point for developing new skills and behaviours.
  • Gain a well-rounded view of skills and behaviours, provided by the observational feedback (seen me do it) and reputational feedback (I think you do it).
  • Identify strengths, which can contribute to a tailored development plan - focusing on strengths is key to an employee’s career growth and the success of the organisation.
  • Tailor your competency measures, questions and directional outputs to your business with our support.

Greater Anglia’s ongoing commitment to developing employee and customer relationships across the group is key to their commercial success, and developing their leaders and managers is the heart of this initiative. We identify key drivers and begin to measure key components, providing valuable insights for leadership skills and development, helping the leaders and managers at Greater Anglia to embrace and embody the company mission, vision and values to inspire those around them.

We are delighted to be working with a company that are as passionate about building and developing effective relationships as we are.

Greater Anglia is committed to supporting and developing it’s colleagues. The Abellio leadership framework outlines all of the capabilities our leaders need to succeed.  The Vibe 360 feedback enables the development planning needed to achieve this for the SLDP and wider leadership peer groups.


Dawn Robinson, Head of Learning and Talent Development, Greater Anglia


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