Mental Health Awareness Week - can we relieve stress through screaming?

Stress Awareness Month took place last month and it was uplifting to see the variety of content being shared online that recognised stress and the signs of knowing when to take a break to avoid burnout. Luckily, we are encouraged to speak out more, as we are all aware of how dangerous stress can be and how it can impact our personal and work lives.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and there are many ways in which you can help relieve your mind, one being immersing yourself in nature and getting back in touch with the natural world, with 4 in 10 people saying that nature makes them feel less worried or anxious. The Mental Health Foundation wants to grow awareness of the role nature can play in preventing distress and creating good mental health for all.

One stand out question is, how do we release or relieve stress in a healthy and satisfying way that can last long term? After all, this can’t be one size fits all.

Over the years, we have written a number of blogs and knowledge articles on stress and mental health; and at the bottom of this short article, we have listed our top 5 favourites that we have written. 

Today though, we’re going to touch upon one method of releasing stress which you may not know just how effective it can be to help relieve symptoms of stress.


Now, there are many levels of release that we can explore that will suit each and every person, depending on how comfortable you feel. The different levels are highlighted below, with writing down your stress/worry being the first option explored through to screaming your stress out!


Levels of release

Scream Day took place on the 24th of April, which encouraged people to explore this approach to stress relief. There seems to be a negative connotation surrounding screaming but did you know there is a recognised therapy called Primal Scream Therapy? This therapy gives the patient a cathartic release of anger and frustration and can make you instantly feel extremely positive.

Screaming sparks a chemical reaction that is similar to the one you feel when exercising, with dopamine and endorphins helping you feel relaxed immediately after. You may not feel this is a long-term fix, but this method of stress relief can be used to help you release and process emotion.

However you choose to relieve your stress, looking after your mental health is what’s most important.


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