Making communication more memorable through the power of magic

Magic is undoubtedly fantastic entertainment, but it’s also a great way for organisations to tell compelling and memorable stories, which makes it a great medium for communicating brand, product, customer or employee messages.

The reason it’s so powerful is that magic is incredibly emotive. Shock, awe, surprise, delight – the types of feelings you experience when watching magic actually stimulate your brain to store information about the related event and prepare it for quick recall.

So at a time when an organisations stakeholders such as employees and customers are overwhelmed by the volume of messages they receive, via a number of different communications channels, cutting through the noise to make a message 'stick' is becoming ever more challenging. Add to the fact that over the last year reaching your stakeholders has mainly been through digital/virtual mediums, you may be asking yourself, how do I stand out from the crowd and engage my audience?

So how can we help you cut through the 'communications noise'?

We work with clients to apply 'magic' to their communications strategy.

Sometimes funny, occasionally provocative, and always engaging. We help organisations' to raise awareness, gain recognition and build trust by following our Relationship Memory Model© and applying 'magic' to deliver consistent, emotive, creative communications for their internal and external stakeholders. 

We can help you apply 'magic' to your communications strategy, including:

  • Brand communications
  • Internal communications
  • Product launches
  • Sales training
  • Masterclasses

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