Listen, Learn, Act and Improve Relationships


Vibe AI is an award-winning feedback and survey platform designed to reveal the true value of your workplace relationships.

Vibe Employee Surveys

Vibe employee surveys provide actionable insights and benchmark data in cultural components such as leadership, diversity, equality & inclusion, learning & development and well-being, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Vibe 360 Assessments

Vibe 360 is an award-winning 360 assessment and feedback platform. Empower, engage and develop your people through 360 feedback to help you manage your biggest opportunity and largest risk; your leaders.



Vibe CX is our customer survey platform, blending real-time feedback combined with more traditional survey techniques to provide actionable insights that can be used to enhance customer experience, service and product innovation.


Vibe AI has the power to inspire conversations and ignite debates that drive cultural change, improve relationships and in turn increase profitability. 


Vibe provides multiple survey and feedback modules to give stakeholders inside and outside your organisation a platform to regularly express their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Each module is available in multiple languages and accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Discover more about our survey solutions.

Vibe Employee Surveys | Vibe 360Vibe CX - Consumer Surveys

DE and I Surveys
Pulse Surveys
Welcome, Onboarding and Exit Surveys
Welcome, Onboarding
& Exit Surveys
Customer & Supplier Surveys
Customer &
Supplier Surveys
360 Assessments
Real-Time Feedback
Live Reporting
Action Tracking
Sentiment Analysiss
ROI Score Cards
Score Cards
A world-class survey and feedback platform for medium to large-sized businesses.
Steadfast Security
You can rest assured that we employ the latest security and encryption techniques to ensure your data is completely secure and fully compliant with GDPR legislation.
Infinite Scaleability
There is no limit to the number of people who can use Vibe. What’s more, thanks to our intuitive dashboards, it’s easy to build custom reports that allow you to compare and contrast performance across teams, departments regions and continents.
90 Different Languages
Vibe can be activated anywhere in the world and our questionnaires can be translated into over 90 languages. Our unique image surveys are universally recognised, never the less, they will still be screened to ensure there are no areas of cultural sensitivity.

Customer Testimonials

We've been working together with Vibe for the last three years we've just executed our 3rd Vibe DE&I diagnostic and it's been a very fruitful and great experience working together. Simon and his team helping us to build very insightful questions about belonging, psychological safety and experience which has provided us rich insights with more context and benchmarking now in amazing dashboards allowing us to slice and dice the data however we need whilst still protecting the anonymity of our colleagues. I highly recommend Vibe.
Julia Hermann

Senior Lead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

I just had my feedback session with Simon Kevan and I've really enjoyed the experience of having the opportunity to gather the viewpoints of everyone I work with. It has been one of the most fantastic experiences of my professional career and I recommend everyone to do the exact same thing that I just did.
Craig Shaw

Head of Legal, Capita

Following an initial pilot with our talent pool, Greater Anglia used Vibe 360 to deliver a feedback review of our six leadership framework capabilities.  This was in place for our top 50 leaders in the business, and something we had not formally measured before. Whilst the individual reports and coaching proved very engaging, the executive report enabled us to really understand our cultural leadership behaviour.  It provided the necessary insight to establish key strengths across the team, as well as identify two core capabilities that required generic development. Leadership behaviour is always difficult to measure, however, the Vibe 360 tool enabled us to define this more clearly and drive the need for continuous improvement.
Dawn Robinson

Head of Talent & Development

Leadership development and engagement is a high priority for Capita, especially in these current times; where employees are working remotely, we have a responsibility to develop high-performing employees and stronger teams. We have partnered with Laws of Attraction to contextualise the Vibe 360 tool to deliver insightful and intuitive reports to help inform, engage and support our leaders’ development and for us to make more data-driven decisions as a function. Laws of Attraction has worked hard to understand the intricacies of our organisation; ensuring that the leadership behaviours measured in the 360 are aligned with our company values and vision. We are hugely excited about this partnership and looking forward to working with Laws of Attraction to support our succession planning and execute our talent development strategy.  
Lisa Pinfield

Group Head of Talent & Development

Fantastic program. Really well organised, it was a great balance of input from the facilitator,but also a discussion debate, an output generated by all involved so it doesn't feel like a lecture. Really interactive,great amount of time. Kept everybody engaged. Certainly highly recommended
Alex Didymiotis

HR Director

'I would like to thank the team at Laws of Attraction for your time, cooperation and excellent delivery during the Executive Coaching Program in Gouna. Your time, input, flexibility and way of delivery were very much effective and beneficial to all of GB Executives team.'
George Sedky

Chief Human Resources Officer

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